Lady N-Granular Tofu Cat Litter Compatible With Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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Self-Cleaning Litter Box Compatible
Improve Your and Cats’ Quality of Life!

Low-Dust & Low-Tracking: Our pellets prevent sticking to cat paws. With a 5-step dust removal process and vacuum packaging, our litter is virtually dust-free.
Eco-Friendly & Natural: Made from pea fiber, a byproduct from food production, our litter is natural, biodegradable, and safe for pets and children.
Superior Absorption: Each 9lb bag of our cat litter typically lasts up to 4 weeks for one cat, thanks to its 2.5x greater absorbency.
Effective Odor Control: Combining enviro-probiotics and activated carbon, our litter effectively neutralizes odors at the source generation.
Our granular is compatible with Robot: Our granular(mini-pellet) tofu litter are widely compatible with all Litter Box Robot models.

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