3 Reasons Why Lady N Tofu Cat Litter is the Most Eco-friendly Litter

Food-Grade Ingredients

1. Made from Discarded Soy Pulp: Reusing Resources

Canada is the world’s largest exporter of soybeans, and China, known for its fondness for soy products, is the largest producer of soy-based food. Consequently, these regions have substantial amounts of discarded soy pulp. Through research, it has been found that soy fibers have better water absorption than other plants, making it an excellent natural material.

2. Entirely Food-Grade Ingredients: Biodegradable

The main ingredients of tofu litter are soy pulp and a glue-like binder. To ensure safety, food-grade binders are used, which provide rapid clumping. After use, the litter can be dissolved in water and also decompose in the soil, resulting in a formula that’s safe and friendly for humans, cats, and the environment.

Eco-friendly Cat Litter Lady N

3. Lady N Probiotic Deodorization Technology: Extends Litter Usage Time

The veterinary team at Lady N in Taiwan has successfully extracted probiotics from the natural environment that can decompose unpleasant odors and integrated them into their cat litter. These probiotics continually neutralize bad bacteria and odors, keeping the litter box fresh and odor-free for longer periods. This results in tofu litter that can be used more than twice as long as regular tofu litter, reducing the frequency of disposal and conserving litter usage.

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Low-tracking, quick-clumping, and 99% dust-free cat litter made from soy pulp, ensures the safety of your furry babies and the well-being of our environment. And now, take advantage of our free shipping offer available in the USA.

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Will tofu cat litter attract bugs?

Lady N’s cat litter is made through a high-temperature process that completely eliminates bacteria and parasites while removing moisture. After production, it is vacuum-sealed to maintain the litter’s dryness and prevent spoilage.

How long does one bag last?

For initial use, we recommend pouring 1-2 bags of cat litter into the litter box until it reaches a depth of 2 inches. Lady N’s cat litter contains odor-controlling probiotics, so there is no need for frequent complete litter changes. Simply replenish with fresh litter after removing urine clumps. One bag of cat litter can last approximately 4 weeks for one cat.

What if my cat doesn’t like tofu cat litter?

If you wish to return the products, please keep them unopened and contact our customer service. Please note that returns and refunds will not be accepted once the goods are unpacked.

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