5 Tips: Why Choose Eco-Friendly Tofu Cat Litter – Lady N’s Guide

Lady N's Mission

As a team of cat lovers and environmental enthusiasts, Lady N has always been dedicated to leveraging biotechnology to improve feline sanitation. Our tofu cat litter is made with over 90% recycled pea pulp from food manufacturing processes, producing neither excess gas nor wastewater. All ingredients are food-grade, making the used litter biodegradable. Our product is sustainable and eco-friendly, embodying our commitment to the planet and your pet.

Lady N Tofu Cat Litter User Guide & FAQs

1. How to Choose the Right Cat Litter for Your Cat?

We offer two types of cat litter: the Pellet Tofu Cat Litter, our most popular series, features a special pellet structure that prevents the litter from sticking to your cat’s paws, ensuring low-tracking and a cleaner home. The second series, Granular Tofu Litter, is ideal for self-cleaning litter boxes and robots. Its fine particles are compatible with all models, dust-free, and quickly eliminate odors.

2. How to Help Your Cat Adjust to New Litter

Cats are sensitive to changes in their environment and may need 1-2 months to adjust to new litter. To accelerate adaptation, sprinkle a layer of new litter over the old one during the first use. After your cat uses it normally, replenish only with new litter after removing clumps until the whole box is transitioned. This gradual approach avoids waste and helps your cat adjust smoothly.

3. How Often Should You Change the Cat Litter?

Our litter is sterilized at high temperatures to prevent mold and includes activated charcoal and probiotics to control odors. Regularly remove clumps and top up with fresh litter to keep the box odor-free. We recommend changing the entire box every 2-3 months, saving you time and reducing litter use.

4. How to Prevent Litter from Sticking to the Bottom of the Box

Litter may stick due to poor clumping or scratches in the litter box. Lady N litter clumps within five seconds and hardens over time, making it less likely to stick. If your litter box is old and scratched, consider our Non-stick Spray made from edible oils and waxes. It creates a protective film over the box, smoothing out scratches and preventing residue.

5. Are There Any Discounts for Long-Term Purchases?

Our website offers a subscription service where you can choose the delivery frequency and enjoy automatic billing, with discounts up to 20%. The monthly cost for one cat’s litter could be as low as $15-$20.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at service@ladynpet.com. We look forward to assisting you promptly.